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We are a product development consultancy that serves founders and early stage companies.

Our raison d'ĂȘtre is simple. We exist to build and ship delightful products.

We pride ourselves on our specific focus on time to market, rapid iteration, and product quality. We know we can achieve all three because we've been in your shoes, both as founders and product and engineering team members.

Some of the early stage startups and businesses we have helped build products.

Scope: v1.0 + continued development
Tech Stack: Typescript, React, Nest.js, Prisma
Scope: Fractional Engineering Leadership (Vineet)
Scope: MVP + continued development
Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, React (Javascript)
Scope: MVP 1.0 + continued development
Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, Javascript
Scope: Chrome extension development, web app 1.0
Tech Stack: React, Python/Django, Chrome extension dev
Scope: Web app features/enhancement
Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js