Version One Labs

The go-to software team for businesses that don't have one.

What problems can we solve for your business?

Software powers businesses today.

We help you harness it.

Software is essential to how businesses operate today. Any piece of tech that helps you run your business more profitably, win more customers and keep them happier, or make your employees more productive is a huge multiplier for business growth.

But if your business isn't software, you likely don't have software expertise available to you.

We believe you shouldn't have to be a software company to benefit from technology that empowers your business. A good software team should be accessible to every business that needs or desires it.

This is what we do at Version One Labs. We are your tech go-to people.

What we do.

Our goal is to add value by finding digital solutions to the problems slowing your business down. It could be better communication tools with your clients, more visibility into your business data, automating manual time-intensive workflows, or employee tools that make their jobs easier.

Here's a sampling of the problems we've solved and the software we've built for clients.

Customer-facing Products
Internal Tools
MVPs / New Ideas
Client Portals
Data Automations and Reporting
Operations/Workflow Improvements
Third Party Integrations
Employee Tools

“They're like an extension of your team”

Working with us.


We're as invested in what we do for you, like an employee (you can quote us on this). But without the overhead of managing one.


We've been doing this for twenty+ years. If something is not up our alley, we'll tell you.



Engagement tiers that meet your needs.

On Demand

Ideal for businesses that have sporadic needs for which they need a software developer on demand.

$125 per hour

(bought in chunks of 20 hours)

Fractional Team

Ideal for businesses with existing software with stronger, consistent development requirements but that don't merit needing a full-time employee.

$3,495/mo or $6,495 /mo

(no contracts, pause/cancel any time)

Ground Up

This is our most high-touch service typically involving a dedicated dev team for ground-up new software builds.

Limited to a select few every year, everything from client-facing products, startup MVPs, employee-facing tools, and skunkworks projects.

starting at $25K+

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